Ok, ok before you all pull out brickbats, I understand that most of my 9500 hits are from the APAC region, in acute contrast to the events which are predominantly encompassed out of the west.

Candidly, isn’t history repeating itself, from jeans to beer to cocaine and even holidays on weekends ( traditionally, we the poor and developing Asian countries, like the Creator rested only on the 7th day ), everything we adapted from our western relatives .

Ironically, creativity is lagging not miles but decades behind, anyone questioning the traditional wisdom of GRPS, CPC etc is considered to be more of a wise-ass who doesn’t mind his work,but often strays in the land of the unknown ( a place of discomfort for our bosses ).

For instance, the experiential marketing concept executed above, is so true to its brief and ideally what every client begs : low-cost + high impact and talkabilty ( the ability of a message to carry itself across mediums, most of the times for free ).

Giving up ain’t an option, we are a generation in transition with newspapers going digital and everything being uploaded on a virtual cloud, its time to push harder, shout louder and convince better.

But, before we press our point, we need to convince ourselves, not only on the idea front, but also on the outcome. A clear map, drawn before the actual execution, stating 2 possibilities – success and failure should be discussed with all concerned parties ( this ensures ownership of all, in the end protecting our job which pays the bills ).

Ultimately, a leap of faith, is what, will ensure that a thought/concept covered above comes to life, so fingers crossed…  lets jump!


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