me,myself n karan!!!

Well, this ad could probably try to describe that how big a crackpot/screwball/nutcase and off-course STUPID I am!!!

Chasing a Ghost, is probably, the best, if not the only way, to describe me!!! Never satisfied, craving for more, more, a little more, yeh dil manage more.. my greatest enemy is probably me!! why? well, i keep betting myself to do the impossible, then I babble it out to the world, they laugh  and the more they do, the further I align myself to achieve it…

A thorough event professional in the field of Below-the-Line Activation, over 4 years of experience in designing campaigns across the length and breadth of the country. The aim is to always bring home the bacon by Partnering brands in achieving desired outcome through effective communication and channel selection for the same. Developing “multi channel” strategies (those that cross multiple media) thereby, reinforcing demand for tactics that establish one-to-one relationships between marketers and consumers. Finally understanding, only if we add value, we can be a partner to a Brand and not a parasite.


The posts on this blog are provided ‘as is’with no warranties and confer no rights. The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.





CV – Karan Shetty