GRP – Stands for Gross Rating Points used specifically for Television Industry

GRP = Reach x Frequency

Reach can be defined as number of various people or households exposed to an advertising schedule during a given time, usually 4 weeks.

  • for e.g. if an ad reach 65% of 10,000 people, once in 4 weeks, then the reach is 6500, thereby measuring the unduplicated extent of audience exposure.

Frequency refers to the number of times an advertising message orbits a same person.

  • for e.g. 5000 of our TV audience watched the ad for 3 times and the remaining 5000 for 5 times. Then the average frequency will be total exposure/audience reach = (5000 x 3 ) +( 5000 x 5 )/10000 = 40,000/10,000 = 4

Therefore the GRP = 65 x 4 = 260 GRP’s

* there are various other methods too for calculating GRP’s


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