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AUDI Presents : The first car calendar without cars. Augmented Reality on your iPhone. You have to really see this to believe this?? Magic is what advertising should be and magic is what they have done!!!

BTL Tweak

Well install the same frames across Malls/Multiplexes/Corporate Offices/ basically anywhere you can find a wall, just hang it mate! But the question here is, did Audi Marketing Managers not think of this???


a gr8 concept, also an open and shut case… Defined target audience, and precision in thought process = a Happy Client. A vivid concept which focussed more on ROI than on Billing!!!

BTL Tweak:

Depicting in the pics below, the same concept could be used across malls,multiplexes also streets – with a tagline :

“Mr. and Mrs. Mishra think this is an open and shut case.
Mr. and Mrs. Mishra would have solved this case by now.
Mr. and Mrs. Mishra already know the culprit”

generating an awe-factor and WOM for the Show.

Advertising Agency: Percept/H, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Prathamesh Ghate
Art Director: Hiten Sondagar
Copywriter: Prathamesh Ghate
Published: November 2009

Be patient, and see the beauty of the concept.. amazing PR Value, off-course you could also end up getting sued for such a prank, but did someone not say “any publicity is good publicity”.

Every second we breathe, PR is gaining more importance… marketing as well as advertising budgets / campaigns are all focusing towards one thing – WOM,WOM,WOM,WO….

Highly cluttered markets coupled with a ton of me too products, the only winner – TOP of the MIND BRAND. Campaigns which fail to generate the necessary PR are no more than a company executive’s thrust to satisfy his EGO. Also campaigns have to be multi-dimensional, they have to cut across mediums to generate the necessary hype. Like the campaign shared above, once he gets the signatures, a press release could be sent to all TV/print and radio entities… Hoarding could be put up across the city… and there you go, a mind-blowing TOP of the mind recall campaign…

Ya ya, we did this, n we did that… if questioned, we ad agency guys could go on for centuries blabbering about what we did and what it resulted into. Now, we forget charity (creativity) begins at home… How many times have you come across a Business Card, which you really want to not throw away in one of the corners of your messy drawers? Practically, none, have I come across, but now I know, the day I start my company, the Business card/ Letter Head / Website, all these will have to be creative or else the biggies will hunt me down n feed my carcases to their greyhounds.

Small / Start-up businesses have to be really creative, they have to maximise every opportunity to promote themselves. A sure-shot guarantee of WOM and a clear message to the competition – BEWARE.

Word-of-mouth Guaranteed!!!  I think this ad should be used by the HR in their traning manual to all the brand managers. Often, I come across brand managers, who keep cribbing and expressing discontent with the Budgets handed over to them- their famous slogan “Show Me The Money” comes from one of the all time great movies ” Everyboby love Jerry Maguire”. I think, the management’s answer should be clear ” Show me the Brains”.

Print, Outdoor, Tv, Radio etc etc… everyone can buy that, what Brand Managers need to understand that, it is not a Flea Market – the content is always more important then the medium, once you freeze on the same, the rest will follow.

BTL Tweak:

Now, just imagine, a mobile giant wants to launch a touch screen handset, the brief to flow is the standard line from the bible of brand management – “lets do something creative”. Now imagine if a small SAV cutout to be placed inside every elevator of malls across the city with floors to correspond to numbers – Everyone entering the Elevator is bound to notice the same. A new medium, and can be easily bargained for, as the same is a new-sprung source of income for the mall, plus the clutter is absolutely zero…

Movie Marketing – PAA

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Direct Marketing

A Classic case of using your resources to the fullest, a Big pictures movie ad on a Reliance Bill ( both companies are a part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group), good one – cost effective, fast and immediate delivery of the suggested concept.

If and only if, consumer could use the same as a discount coupon at the movie theatre, measuring ROI would have become so much easy, providing the much needed credibility numbers to the medium.