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A free Wedding, now my minds started jogging up and down. How do I crack this? How do I sell my wedding to a brand? Well, I will let my lunatic mind run bonkers with that thought and for now and let us lucidly hark back to the prime goal of this blog – Analysing Advertising!

Real Life advertising, a beautiful concept sparked off by none other than the most dynamic, high-octane brand Vodafone.

Why? Because…

According to Alf Nucifora, an Atlanta-based marketing consultant:

“Research tells us that the average American consumer is exposed to more than 600 advertising messages a day in one form or another.”

The Business Journal Phoenix Website

So what did Vodafone do right?

In toto, they just became a part of everyone’s lives by making a dream come true. Instead of the regular doctor prescribed dose of in-your-face stereo type ads, Vodafone concentrated in becoming a part of people’s lives; they successfully displayed their capabilities with more action than words.

Madman Thoughts

As Brand/Marketing Manager, our brands have to promise & deliver value in REAL TIME, if you tell me 3G is fast, my first nous is to not trust you. But if my neighbour experiences it and shares the same with me, the chances of trial and conversion are umpteen. Developing a positive Word-of-Mouth viral is not something that a regular media plan will offer, for this, we as brand managers need to observe the environment around us and cull for that spilt second of opportunity, evolve not every day, not even every hour but every second.

The question is, are we ready to evolve?   To stick out our neck?  Be ready for the inevitable Brobdingnagian change?

Once again in the words of Tom Peters Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.


India’s world cup win! Will that dampen the spirits or raise the bar for IPL 4? A question or a nightmare for not only set max stalwarts but all the advertisers/sponsors too.

Well, we are here to review the campaign of BANDH! With money pumping in the countries biggest ever religion, not any major initiatives for the concept seem to be around us.

Except for the commercials and few traditional mediums, set max just hasn’t been able to do justice to this Goliath property. An array of niche initiatives could have brought this concept right at the doorsteps of the consumer, but as usual a country which plays safe with mediocre success being the prime goal.

When I push/scratch/tingle the creative strings of my mind, a list of concepts come sprawling to my mind:

Schedule Distribution for IPL

1. Restaurants

  • Schedule will be given inside the bill folder
  • Valet parking tags
  • Schedule placed next to the tissue box in the hotel
  • Every parcel delivered will be have a schedule

2. Schedules to be given out with tickets at the multiplexes

3. Petrol pump

  • Schedules to be given during filling in air/petrol

4. Kiosk to be placed at multiplexes,malls, CCd, where a snap of the TG will be taken the same will be sent to the
email id of the TG and uploaded on the Facebook page of IPL

5. Corporate office:

  • A tear off calendar to be stuck at the desk of employees And a bigger calendar to be stuck in the canteen

6. Broken glass:

  • Stickers of broken glass to be placed on windscreen and rear screen of the cars in malls and multiplexes and popular parking zones in south Mumbai, with schedule attached.

7. Tiffin box :

  • Schedules to be distributed with the help of dabbawalas


1. Lift branding

2. Toll booth branding

3. Branding on broken weighing machines on railway stations

4. Colleges and schools to be shut during IPL, gates of the same to be branded using the ipl theme

5. Building gates : generally the second gate is shut most of the times, so we use the same to project Bandh

and the list goes on… I wonder if SET would consider paying me something for these ideas? or is it all gibberish?

At present, with the entire country going gaga over one of the most cherished gifts to India by the Britishers – yes, without an effluvium, we ought to agree to the fact, that we are a cricket crazy or maybe even cricket eccentric nation.

At stake are sponsorship deals worth Rs.150 crore and ticketing revenues of Rs.125-150 crore, culminating from about 2 million tickets to be sold for the 43-day tournament ( source : )

Please excuse my verdant question, which might get under the skin of the so-called HOTSHOT media planners is, What is the Objective of pumping in so much money over a period of 45-75 days? Okay, now like a philomath, do not start narrating  jargons from a Philip Kotler Book with the words that have been more raped than abused for e.g. Brand Salience, Top of mind recall, Buying behaviour and all the age-old blah blah… as Mark Pritchard – Global CMO of P & G said, “If we don’t add value to a customer’s life, then we soon shall perish”

Now, the 2 Commercials, Briefly establish that – Dhoni & Harbhajan are inspired by Pepsi to create their trademark shots, which unless the consumer is jughead, would intelligibly construe the claims made by the ad are phoney.

At this juncture, a lot of heads would turn with tonnes of brickbats, with the most popular argument or shall I say an oath that we follow like a zombie in the media industry – “IT IS  A TRIED N TESTED FORMULA”. Dont we need to understand, if something is tried and tested, which means, it has been done to death. In the era of innovation, why go ahead with tried and tested models? is it not the time  to reinvent the wheel?

Well, the Korean Giant, one of the sponsors for the ICC world cup 2011 has tried its hand at something new, well atleast they have made an honest attempt, read on, , and yes, successfully changed the rules of the game.

BTL Tweak:

Empower the youth, sell them a dream and not a cola, and they shall patronise you forever, Pepsi should have started hosting matches within major cities, to declare a winner amongst them, the winning team could probably be sitting inside locker room with the Indian Cricket team or something like that, but yes, if they actually did make us play cricket, we would have been much more involved, passionate and loyal to the brand.

Aren’t  you guys nodding your head in agreement?


World Aids Day, December 1

1st of December, a safety-pin with red colour ribbon pierces through the soft cotton fabric of my favorite Blackberry Shirt, and at that very moment my head started with riddles, that made me restless, and the following action of pulling down the red ribbon did offend a lot of stereotype folks. But my mind just wouldn’t let me be at peace… and I began the asking questions not to God but yes to GOOGLE…

The Statistics

  • Every year 1.8 million people die of AIDS
  • i.e. 4931 people per day
  • 205 people per hour
  • 3 people a minute
  • and 1 in every 20 secs…. Scary right?

With global average for loosing virginity running down to as low as 16 years, and people having multiple partners before finally getting married to the one, the chances are ever compounding at magnitude that would shake the ground at a rector scale of maybe 20 ( Great Chilean Earthquake of May 22, 1960 which had a magnitude (MW) of 9.5, which is the top one in the world )

With the loosing virginity figures stated as below:

The average age to lose virginity is 19 years in general. But this can vary across the world due the fact that people belong to different regions of the world. The average age for men to lose their virginity is 6 months more than the average age of women. It may be interesting to know that 30% of the population of the world claims to lose virginity at the age of 16 years. Different regions of the world have different right ages to lose virginity. ( Source : )

So where do we go? whats is the solution… the age-old slogan which was invented maybe even before Jesus was born – PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!

But don’t we all know this? Are we stupid to not use a condom before we indulge in inter-course? Well most of the time you would give a simple answer I WAS IN LOVE… well the HIV virus wont take that answer n will eventually have an RIP engraved on the top of your name.

So what’s the solution?  the answer to my mind is simple – Scare the s**t out of everyone. Now let me answer the basic 2W’s n 1 H

  • HOW – LED indicators across identified touch points
  • Where – Brothels, Hotels, Clubs, Pubs, Bars,Malls, Coffee Shops… even Colleges, Transit Media – Buses, Trains.. basically everywhere, where you can scare them…
  • Why – Because the previous strategy has failed miserably – Make them AWARE.. so now – SCARE THEM!!!

The Plan “the death ticker” everyday the numbers would change, people would start to notice the same, just think about it – You are just about to enter the hotel room with your girl friend and in the lobby behind the Manager, the sign looks you in the eye and sends a cold shiver down your spine to your soul.. No one can avoid that kind of scary message…


Any condom brand could partner with the government and have this initiative work wonders for them, the amount of PR buzz that could be generated, PHEW… my mind will surely explode in a few secs, with the number rolling in..

But the Question is Who will it be?

  • Durex
  • Crown
  • Okamoto
  • Trojan……