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A free Wedding, now my minds started jogging up and down. How do I crack this? How do I sell my wedding to a brand? Well, I will let my lunatic mind run bonkers with that thought and for now and let us lucidly hark back to the prime goal of this blog – Analysing Advertising!

Real Life advertising, a beautiful concept sparked off by none other than the most dynamic, high-octane brand Vodafone.

Why? Because…

According to Alf Nucifora, an Atlanta-based marketing consultant:

“Research tells us that the average American consumer is exposed to more than 600 advertising messages a day in one form or another.”

The Business Journal Phoenix Website

So what did Vodafone do right?

In toto, they just became a part of everyone’s lives by making a dream come true. Instead of the regular doctor prescribed dose of in-your-face stereo type ads, Vodafone concentrated in becoming a part of people’s lives; they successfully displayed their capabilities with more action than words.

Madman Thoughts

As Brand/Marketing Manager, our brands have to promise & deliver value in REAL TIME, if you tell me 3G is fast, my first nous is to not trust you. But if my neighbour experiences it and shares the same with me, the chances of trial and conversion are umpteen. Developing a positive Word-of-Mouth viral is not something that a regular media plan will offer, for this, we as brand managers need to observe the environment around us and cull for that spilt second of opportunity, evolve not every day, not even every hour but every second.

The question is, are we ready to evolve?   To stick out our neck?  Be ready for the inevitable Brobdingnagian change?

Once again in the words of Tom Peters Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.


Caution : For right-brained people only, $43 million worth free media, phew.. The initial brief was simple, a 30 second TVC, but like we vividly saw in 127 hours, only in distress does the human mind conjure something unimaginable, something that would have been flushed and forgotten, created a revolution and ended up being much more than what it actually was meant to be.

I won’t blabber anymore, but a sincere request to all those people who thought – Advertising is costly… spend 5 mins of your time watching this video and go WTF***

BTL Tweak:

Bigger is better.. Hmmm, the first thought that comes racing into my mind is BUILDINGS, big ones, all you have to do is hang a big bra, and say,”Big is indeed beautiful, so are you”
Now, many prehistoric countries often hiding behind the blanket of so-called “cultural values” will not allow BRA’s to be hung up.. So? Well, take 2, put the brand name, and say the same thing,”Big is indeed beautiful, so are you”

Take 3: India specific..

  1. Pick up a  goliath structure in each city, for instance: Howrah bridge-Kolkatta,  Sea link- Mumbai, and so on, at the entrance place temporary hoardings carrying similar messages.
  2. Gyms/ Spas/ Weight loss centre or even a Kitty party, where ever you can find women trying to loss weight or even talking about it, BE THERE with the same message and you will surely bring home the bacon…

A Little Background for all my dear guy friends – FHM stands for “For Him Magazine”, by and large known for its list of 100 sexiest –

Well, yes I did go through the entire list, what else do you expect, it’s the guy in me… ( after-all, sex is the second most basic human instinct ).

Now, let’s get back to business, this is one of the most beautiful ads – its like Jennifer Lopez being a CIA agent : Smart & Sexy in the same package.

Now, the question is, how do we get this idea to be a on-ground real life experience, HMMM.. now I am just hoping that we all start looking /imagining  the idea that’s about to be scripted in the very next paragraph…


Imagine, you enter a mall, in the central atrium there are 2 circles drawn – 1. if you are a boring boss stand here and look up 2. if you are a naughty employee stand here and look up.

Material : Now using a lenticular print job, place a poster/banner on the ceiling of the mall, so when people look at it from position 1 – they can see the boring lines/statistics and when they move to position 2 – they can see the sexy babe in the lingerie.

E.g. 1 :

E.g. 2 : ( for people with a little more sense of humour / vision and the ability to see understand the thought and not the graphic display of a women )


I think, this should really get its fair share of AHHHH’s and OOOHHHH’s  from the consumer, eventually bringing home the bacon, by addressing the grassroot aim of any on-ground activation – WOM.


Dove believes that there is “true beauty” in every woman, in a variety of forms, shapes, and ages. And this type of beauty has no single queen! Therefore, in light of the annual Beauty Queen pageant held on International Women’s Day, we created a counter-move, entitled “Beauty Does not Have Just One Queen.”

My Take:

Flawless, at the right place at the right time, delighting the consumers, and creating an experience to be cherished upon for the rest of their lives.

Now let us, as advertising professionals analyse the perfect mix/strategy/formula for this splendid campaign:

The Time @ Beauty Pageant held on International Women’s day

The Campaign @ Beauty Does not have 1 Queen, every woman is beautiful

The Bate @ the Dove Wall of Beauty : Once in a lifetime opportunity to be a Celebrity (Hoarding)

With this perfect mix, dove practically hijacked the entire beauty pageant and creating a new one of their own…and in the process, answered one of the most debated questions in the history of advertising,”DOES THE CONSUMER CARE?” Yes, they will, once you involve them and give them something to cherish and talk about. The phrase,”CONSUMER IS THE KING” has been locked in a black box and thrown into the Caribbean – deepest sea in the world at 22,788 ft or 6,946 meters,as we believe we know what the consumer wants, in the fancy Goliath agency offices, the poor David of understanding, that unless the consumers care, they wont remember the product and hence would not buy the same, has been left outside to die a lonely death.

Bottom line:

Make them care, make them happy, make them sad, make them sing the same song… do what you want, till the ad or the event can answer a simple question – DO THEY GIVE A FUCK? if the answer is yes, we all can go to sleep, without the burden on our souls, of wasting money which could have been put to better use.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Israel
VP Creative: Eldad Weinberger
VP Digital Creative: Nir Refuah
Creative Director: Nir Levy
Creative Content: Danna Blum
Copywriter: Yoav Hebel
Art Director: Galia Kedem

Check out the site:

To promote the Lynx Dry deodorant range, we had to remind consumers that ” Girls Look Hot Wet. Guy’s Don’t”. So we proved it, with an interactive experience that treats the audience to slow motion footage of girls getting saturated – so long as they can keep the guy dry!

BTL Tweak:

Now, lets sit back and think how can we really get this thing on-ground??? Hmmm…. I am really stuck on this one??? any suggestions???

And Here is the solution, Interactive Projector technology which would successfully offer the same experience as a url could.

So guys, yes it can be done.

The Event

Briefing: To promote Liga Sagres. To reinforce Sagres as a football brand, to increase both the attendance at the stadiums and Sagres sales.

Idea: Get on the Field – Sagres makes posible the wildest and most unreachable dream of every soccer lover: to put on their boots and experience what it feels like to play a game on real stadiums, completely full of fans. Collect the codes from the bottle caps, insert them on the website, choose the game you wish to play and “Get on the Field”.

Results: More than 287.630 visits to Sagres website… 8.5 millions codes inserted by consumers… More than 2.000 teams created from all parts of the country… And more than 10.4 million page views on the promotion´s website (in a country with a population of only 10 million people)

BTL Tweak

Well guys, do I really have to elaborate on this??? a true manifesto of thinking big!!! Not out of the box but OUT OF THE WORLD, yes, they got the balls to pull it off and they did it!!! so Mr.Mallaya, Kingfisher?? Can it do the same to for formula 1 or even the Polo Cup??

Well advertising for a cause – Breast Cancer. I am speechless… maybe you guys could help me on this one….