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Dove believes that there is “true beauty” in every woman, in a variety of forms, shapes, and ages. And this type of beauty has no single queen! Therefore, in light of the annual Beauty Queen pageant held on International Women’s Day, we created a counter-move, entitled “Beauty Does not Have Just One Queen.”

My Take:

Flawless, at the right place at the right time, delighting the consumers, and creating an experience to be cherished upon for the rest of their lives.

Now let us, as advertising professionals analyse the perfect mix/strategy/formula for this splendid campaign:

The Time @ Beauty Pageant held on International Women’s day

The Campaign @ Beauty Does not have 1 Queen, every woman is beautiful

The Bate @ the Dove Wall of Beauty : Once in a lifetime opportunity to be a Celebrity (Hoarding)

With this perfect mix, dove practically hijacked the entire beauty pageant and creating a new one of their own…and in the process, answered one of the most debated questions in the history of advertising,”DOES THE CONSUMER CARE?” Yes, they will, once you involve them and give them something to cherish and talk about. The phrase,”CONSUMER IS THE KING” has been locked in a black box and thrown into the Caribbean – deepest sea in the world at 22,788 ft or 6,946 meters,as we believe we know what the consumer wants, in the fancy Goliath agency offices, the poor David of understanding, that unless the consumers care, they wont remember the product and hence would not buy the same, has been left outside to die a lonely death.

Bottom line:

Make them care, make them happy, make them sad, make them sing the same song… do what you want, till the ad or the event can answer a simple question – DO THEY GIVE A FUCK? if the answer is yes, we all can go to sleep, without the burden on our souls, of wasting money which could have been put to better use.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Israel
VP Creative: Eldad Weinberger
VP Digital Creative: Nir Refuah
Creative Director: Nir Levy
Creative Content: Danna Blum
Copywriter: Yoav Hebel
Art Director: Galia Kedem


The Event

Samsung gives famous historic Dutch building a new dimension with 3D Projection & converts it into the first YouTube game-take-over. In late May, Samsung was the first to introduce a commercial 3D projection in the Netherlands, adding a whole new dimension to the historic Beurs van Berlage building in Amsterdam. June 7th, this projection was integrated into the first game-take-over on YouTube. At first, it appears as if a normal video of the projection is being shown. That is until the YouTube page cracks, butterflies start flying out of the projection, and the new dimension of Samsung 3D takes over the page.

Now’s that not called outdoor advertising at its Brobdingnagian best. Innovation like this always attracts adjectives like Jaw-dropping /flummoxing /baffling /stupefying and list would go on and on and on…

BTL Tweak

And I really, dont know why have they not yet installed a single 3d screens across prominent malls? A perfect place to market such a product and create the necessary walk-ins, but NO I cant see a trace of on-ground support for such a great idea anywhere, forget India, even in Amsterdam – No ground events have backed up this truly Monstrous act. But Brands like Sony are thinking on their feet, I did see an event in one of the elite malls in Mumbai – Oberoi Mall. So While Samsung is talking big, Sony is actually talking to the consumers – You decide who Wins. Off-course, you could argue that the objective of the activity was not sales, but my question is, could it not have been one of the objectives?? And Ya they, say a viral was created, but really think Sony is talking to consumers and giving them a 3d experience right now, and Samsung is waiting for things to happen on its own??

Outdoor as I medium, can act as a support system to majority of the campaigns which are planned for the patriarch verticals. So if you wish to reinvent the wheel, there has to be a support system, as for the industry & the Consumer it is very difficult to comprehend the simple concept of CHANGE.

Now this is great, 3d advertising, the material is called Lenticular… off-course the cost for the same is sky rocketing. But still, it gets the WOW factor and generates a lot of PR buzz around the brand. Vodafone did the same in India during its launch, and it really got heads to turn.

OMG!!!! how on earth did they think of this… Kudos to everyone who made this come true… Truly interactive in nature, ensuring atleast 30-45 secs of TG involvement. Word of Mouth GUARANTEED!!!

BTL Tweak

OOH Screens – Now-a-days they are everywhere in malls, stores, even in our dear Best Buses ( Public Transport Mumbai )… the same Creative and I think it would surely conjure the WOM which none other expensive mediums could ever guarantee…


Advertising Agency: DDB, Sweden
Copywriter: Magnus Jakobsson
Art Director: Fredrik Simonsson
Art: Johanna Karsten

I think, this is like the campaign of the millennium… generated buzz worth $52,000 and that’s a herculean amount…


Next time they should have something on the lines  of the EARTH HOUR… identify buildings and create a smiling city… or a CITY OF SMILES… even if they could rope in 100 builds per city, Mission accomplished

The ad does not speak but shout for itself… I think the same brief would have  been true for any-other SUV, but Q7 got lucky.


The same could be easily replicated in a Mall parking lot or even the central auditorium with the actual car on display. The base could have been fabricated in a similar fashion… and the ambience to resemble 3 different terrains – creative use of lights could have easily achieved the same.

Duracell – Delhi

Posted: April 3, 2010 in Outdoor Advertising

Hey, its our dear delhi outdoor… now Understanding delhi as a city is very important, the number of hoardings as compared to mumbai is very low, so transit medium is the very next choice…. again the clutter is huge and for the TG to take notice, the ad has to be really stupefying.

Also, with Bumper to Bumper traffic… the ad is hard to miss.. onya…