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The Event

Briefing: To promote Liga Sagres. To reinforce Sagres as a football brand, to increase both the attendance at the stadiums and Sagres sales.

Idea: Get on the Field – Sagres makes posible the wildest and most unreachable dream of every soccer lover: to put on their boots and experience what it feels like to play a game on real stadiums, completely full of fans. Collect the codes from the bottle caps, insert them on the website, choose the game you wish to play and “Get on the Field”.

Results: More than 287.630 visits to Sagres website… 8.5 millions codes inserted by consumers… More than 2.000 teams created from all parts of the country… And more than 10.4 million page views on the promotion´s website (in a country with a population of only 10 million people)

BTL Tweak

Well guys, do I really have to elaborate on this??? a true manifesto of thinking big!!! Not out of the box but OUT OF THE WORLD, yes, they got the balls to pull it off and they did it!!! so Mr.Mallaya, Kingfisher?? Can it do the same to for formula 1 or even the Polo Cup??


Now that’s called KICK-ASS advertising… using radio as a medium, generally defined as passive form of entertainment,  creating the necessary hype around the product and integrating online advertising as a part of the campaign to help determine the real ROI… Fantabulous…