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Caution : For right-brained people only, $43 million worth free media, phew.. The initial brief was simple, a 30 second TVC, but like we vividly saw in 127 hours, only in distress does the human mind conjure something unimaginable, something that would have been flushed and forgotten, created a revolution and ended up being much more than what it actually was meant to be.

I won’t blabber anymore, but a sincere request to all those people who thought – Advertising is costly… spend 5 mins of your time watching this video and go WTF***

BTL Tweak:

Bigger is better.. Hmmm, the first thought that comes racing into my mind is BUILDINGS, big ones, all you have to do is hang a big bra, and say,”Big is indeed beautiful, so are you”
Now, many prehistoric countries often hiding behind the blanket of so-called “cultural values” will not allow BRA’s to be hung up.. So? Well, take 2, put the brand name, and say the same thing,”Big is indeed beautiful, so are you”

Take 3: India specific..

  1. Pick up a  goliath structure in each city, for instance: Howrah bridge-Kolkatta,  Sea link- Mumbai, and so on, at the entrance place temporary hoardings carrying similar messages.
  2. Gyms/ Spas/ Weight loss centre or even a Kitty party, where ever you can find women trying to loss weight or even talking about it, BE THERE with the same message and you will surely bring home the bacon…

We’re all more than familiar with the age-old sales-cliché: ‘the car belonged to an old lady’. Most of the time metaphorically used, but when you’re suddenly eye-to-eye with a charming old lady, you can’t help but think: this must be my lucky day!

Volkswagen, at its best, an ad which is not trying to push anything down your throat, understands the most preliminary human psyche-“Trust Old Lady” and  quietly whispers in your ear “It’s safe to buy a 2nd hand Volkswagen Golf“.

BTL Tweak:

Now, this is a very tricky tight rope that any brand but a Volkswagen would dare to walk, trying to take away people’s faith in OLD People, is not only knavish but equally risky.

Lets put our Ambient Advertising 3D goggles and envisage a BTL path for this TV commercial. The most elementary thought in my mind is  to use 2 glass buildings facade, and have an Old Angel and Devil lady Poster placed with the tag line on a Banner, tied between the 2 concrete giants.

and I am out of ideas, stumped and dumbfounded… can any of you, the great creative minds  else help me on this Goliath of a problem?

Audi takes a Darwinian approach to demonstrate the progress of the German car company in their latest TV commercial. Ad Agency Venables Bell & Partners achieves this perfectly by using a camera shot that is constantly moving forward, resulting in a crash course in the history of movement and transportation on our planet.

Beauty of the ad lies in the simplicity of the thought, we all know footsteps, understand the word progress and at some point of time in our lives have been exposed to the concept of Evolution – Darwin Theory.

BTL Tweak

The most elementary thought is to scout for topographic points of mass people gatherings at a location which involves entry from one side and exit from the other end….

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A Marathon list, comes racing to my mind….

  1. Multiplexes
  2. Shopping Mart’s
  3. Exhibitions
  4. Even Museums – if they let you do so

Simple stickers – very quasi in nature to the commercial – footsteps leading either to the car display or the Audi Showroom and the job is done…

Yes, a Great ad, no second thoughts on the same. But the question that irks my mind and even befuddled me a lil bit, is what next? Great ad, but is the job done? Product sold? Shall we all go to sleep, carefree, assuming that yes, the bombardment of TV ads during prime-time will barge straight into the minds of the TG and get the product flying off the shelf!

Well, pardon, my dramatic approach, but our industry is actually symbolized with great ads &  zero ( yes we did invent it ) on-ground extension of the same.

An elementary question to all the Albus Dumbledore’s a.k.a headmasters/CEO’s/Creative Heads/CMO’s ( the fancy name-tags goes on ), Who is your TG?

  1. Primary – Mothers ( as they would buy the Product )
  2. Secondary – Children ( as they are the Influencer )

Next Question: where is the TG?

  1. Primary – At home, Market, Shopping Mall, Kitty Party, Office
  2. Secondary – School off-course, online, playing video games, Malls with Mom, Tuitions

So, run me down with a A380, if I am wrong, but how many places is the brand present?

The exact reason, I waited for a week before jotting down my thoughts, Why is the brand not present on-ground? I am not going to whine anymore, but just gong to pour forth my thoughts…

  1. Cant we have all the elements mentioned in the commercial at a mall parking lot?
  2. If PETA gave us a hard time, then we could place cut-outs across every entry-exit in a mall, multiplex, the Big Bazaars any where and everywhere the TG goes
  3. “NO Parking in Front of this gate signs” customized ones =, across the town
  4. have kids visit a Britannia factory
  5. Have a Kid pick out a favorite flavor ( something like Lays did )
  6. Mother & Kid contests across the town ( 3 legged races etc )
  7. Britannia Healthy kid of the Month – In class, in a school, in a town, in India
  8. Provide Kids from 1 school – 1 cake a day and then compare their attendance report with another school – prove it, that these are healthy and then have PR around it

and so much more…. please guys, interaction and experience will make the cash registers go cha-ching and not

NOW, post these activities is when the Brand will truly MILK the cow, otherwise, like I said, great AD! get an award or so… and yes the entrance lobby of the agency would surely sparkle, but the oldest term in the history of any business – ROI would be out to silence, once again…..

Can you beat this? No candidly, did any1 ever think abt this? a completely disruptive, of the edge, out of the box,flummoxing thought!

Step 1 : Annoy your consumer

Step 2 : Put them on national TV

Step 3 : Make a point – Crystal Clear

Always, I have seen brand managers, so often worried about chafing their consumers. But yet we see, a Brand which dares to thread out beyond the conventional lines drawn by years of advertising research & the so-called ad gurus.

Now, how do we convince a brand manager to go all against the odds and bet his/her career on something which has never seen sunlight before, a virgin concept?

Strategy 1: Involve the Brand Manager

Right from the brain storming session to the final cut presentation, constantly ask for his inputs. Make him believe that he has himself invented the idea.

Strategy 2: Internal Selling – Your Agency & Client

Your Agency:

Understand, the peer groups in your organisation, the influencers, be a part of their discussions, seldom would you actually like being there, but these after work relationships is what builds businesses. Connect emotionally, be there when they need you – Superior or Subordinate, never lose a chance to help them when no one else is willing too.These are the set of people , who will by default stand next to you, when a disruptive out of box idea is being subjected to mindless post-mortem on the meeting table.


Put yourself in his shoes, a Marketing Manager with atleast 2 EMI’s on his head, 3-year-old kid – just getting reading for Nursery, How would you sell something to a client with this psyche? its easier said then done, but yes, aint impossible, show him the big picture, get into a brawl with him – only if you are convinced that YES,THIS IS A KICKASS IDEA. Help him sell the same internally, Once you reach that level, the job is done, a bridge of trust n faith is built forever.

Strategy 3: Competitor Case Study

A classic way to get what you want, if the competitor is doing something innovative then poke your client with PR releases or even live activity video footage or snaps. If the competitor is not, then sell him the carrot of – BEING FIRST IN THE MIND, it always works

P.S. These strategies should be considered only when you have complete faith in your idea/concept. Success ad failure of the same is a completely different chapter. In the words of Tom Peters : reward excellent failures. punish mediocre successes, believe in this and from there on things get pretty simple.

Below is the entire team which made this happen, lets all in the advertising world stand-up and throw a Mexican wave in their honour:

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Boston, MA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Group Creative Director / Copywriter: Dave Weist
Group Creative Director / Art Director: Tim Vaccarino
Digital Creation / Art Director: Jamie Ferreira:
Executive Dir. Integrated Production: Liza Near
Executive Producer: Zeke Bowman
Production Co.: Smuggler
Director: Henry-Alex Rubin
Executive Producers: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Lisa Rich, Allison Kunzman, Laura Thoel
Producer: Drew Santarsiero
Editorial: PS260
Editors: JJ Lask, Maury Loeb
Producer: Laura Patterson
Graphics/VFX: Brickyard


The Classic Mistake – Time and Again, brands have tried to be EVERYTHING TO  EVERYONE , the results have always been disastrous.

These are the 2 links which would provide more insights on the top 10 brand mistakes



Current Position:

Well, to me and a ton of professionals, Blackberry is CLASS/CULT/I AM A SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL/IMPORTANT PERSON etc, all the jargons of self-proclaimed importance. Basically, a sign of success. As a matter of fact,above mentioned attributes stands true,even for the clothing line under the name Blackberry.

So Basically, you use an iphone till you are in college/university and then switch to a blackberry because now you are a professional.

The Mistake :

Now everyone can use a blackberry – why  would any brand ever want to destroy their niche. Anyone who is in college will eventually 1 day turn into a working professional, so yes he/she will come to the brand.

This Ad looks more like a Board decision  then a well thought through brand strategy – MARKET SHARE! MARKET SHARE! MARKET SHARE! or KILL IPHONE! KILL IPHONE! KILL IPHONE!

I hope an iphone never commits the same crime, Steve Jobs wont let that happen – think about it, have you ever seen Steve Jobs where a business suit for any of his meetings/conferences. Never, right. Why, can’t he afford to buy one, Nah, the thought is simple, his blue jeans and polo neck t-shirt makes him look like one of us,  goes against the flow – Business Man should be dressed formally, and people like that – Being Different.

All, marketing consultants, be dead or alive, should be really questioning this move!



Lets analyse / break down ad by ad, what are they candidly trying to communicate.

AD 1  & 2- Lexus & Audi

A complete disconnect, nothing fresh or phantasmagoric about it, Innovation for the sake of Innovation – is more like anniversary sex ( after 15 years of gruelling marriage ) – for the sake of it.  Neither can I imagine the brief, nor the sanity of the thought. The most abominable part is where the ads just don’t differentiate – Put a Hyundai and it would make the homophonic sound.

AD 3 – Accord

A ground-breaking thought and flawless execution and in the end the music which is created really does relate to the car. No wonder this ad made people gungho.

BTL Tweak:

But yes, these ads have very limited adaptability to other mediums, maybe online which can work as a subset to television.  On the contrary, the following ad which dint need millions of dollars to just get its feet of the ground.

So simple yet so effective, gets the message across with the oomph factor, and easily adaptable – ONLINE/PRINT/AMBIENT/DIRECT/OUTDOOR, yes off-course RADIO would not feature in this list, as the visual component of the concept is very much the uncastrated cognitive content.