Woh, now that’s really out-of-the-box thinking. Kudos to the client and the agency for pulling of this monolith act.

What’s interesting to note is how BTL ( below the line ) activation is cleverly married to technology, ultimately resulting to leaving a permanent tattoo like mark in the minds of the consumer. And talk about the Free PR.

But yes, things could have and would have gone wrong. The message here is clear, that when new concepts are tried by an agency and agreed by the client, it is a partnership at stake involving both parties to commit equally. Not a cat and mouse game ( which it generally ends up being ).

At times, it is the overtly protected client which de-motivates agency folks to really think of a virgin idea. Which eventually forces the agency to fall back on tried and tested, done to death ideas which in the end keep the client happy but the consumers molested ( take a leaflet and give your details – hasn’t that happened to you ).


Actions do speak louder than words! Sit back, sip a cup of coffee and appreciate something,that even a billion advertising dollars ( traditional mass media ) would have failed to conquer.

The concept is intelligibly high on EQ by stating clear facts which not only tinker with the TG’s inner peace ( Kungfu panda effect ) but also lures them in a subtle manner to believe that , “Yes, by using this product, I can make a Difference”.

What most advertising campaigns fail to achieve, is clearly what Otrivin agency has mastered, one of the most basic questions which by default rings in our mind, “Whats in it for me?”. The ad gives the consumer a feeling of pride by saving a tree and 90 years of nature with the most holy act of purchasing a Otrivin everytime their nose runs.


A free Wedding, now my minds started jogging up and down. How do I crack this? How do I sell my wedding to a brand? Well, I will let my lunatic mind run bonkers with that thought and for now and let us lucidly hark back to the prime goal of this blog – Analysing Advertising!

Real Life advertising, a beautiful concept sparked off by none other than the most dynamic, high-octane brand Vodafone.

Why? Because…

According to Alf Nucifora, an Atlanta-based marketing consultant:

“Research tells us that the average American consumer is exposed to more than 600 advertising messages a day in one form or another.”

The Business Journal Phoenix Website


So what did Vodafone do right?

In toto, they just became a part of everyone’s lives by making a dream come true. Instead of the regular doctor prescribed dose of in-your-face stereo type ads, Vodafone concentrated in becoming a part of people’s lives; they successfully displayed their capabilities with more action than words.

Madman Thoughts

As Brand/Marketing Manager, our brands have to promise & deliver value in REAL TIME, if you tell me 3G is fast, my first nous is to not trust you. But if my neighbour experiences it and shares the same with me, the chances of trial and conversion are umpteen. Developing a positive Word-of-Mouth viral is not something that a regular media plan will offer, for this, we as brand managers need to observe the environment around us and cull for that spilt second of opportunity, evolve not every day, not even every hour but every second.

The question is, are we ready to evolve?   To stick out our neck?  Be ready for the inevitable Brobdingnagian change?

Once again in the words of Tom Peters Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.

Now that’s a fantabulous campaign.
The challenge, is a vivid concern about people not taking the drink n drive issue seriously. The creative thought is pretty flawless, show them the mirror! Cost for this concept is practically zero.

Selection of the touchpoint is impeccable too. This is one of the few celestial ads, that should invariably invite hoards of applause, a ton of bows, and the way Flavio Briatore would congratulate Alonso after a grand prix win,”Bravo,Bravo,Bravo!”

Madman thoughts:

Now, from the Ad world perspective, it is and has always been a daunting task to deliver informational handouts in a creative way. Once Again, the video published below does the same thing, bringing seriousness to the medium + the cause of wild animals being kept as pets.

What hurts me, is the primitive approach still being followed by nearly 99% of Indian advertisers/marketers – let a boy/promoter haphazardly distribute the same to anyone and everyone.  And then they will calculate Cost per Contact (CPC) just to please their cataract vision seniors.

India’s world cup win! Will that dampen the spirits or raise the bar for IPL 4? A question or a nightmare for not only set max stalwarts but all the advertisers/sponsors too.

Well, we are here to review the campaign of BANDH! With money pumping in the countries biggest ever religion, not any major initiatives for the concept seem to be around us.

Except for the commercials and few traditional mediums, set max just hasn’t been able to do justice to this Goliath property. An array of niche initiatives could have brought this concept right at the doorsteps of the consumer, but as usual a country which plays safe with mediocre success being the prime goal.

When I push/scratch/tingle the creative strings of my mind, a list of concepts come sprawling to my mind:

Schedule Distribution for IPL

1. Restaurants

  • Schedule will be given inside the bill folder
  • Valet parking tags
  • Schedule placed next to the tissue box in the hotel
  • Every parcel delivered will be have a schedule

2. Schedules to be given out with tickets at the multiplexes

3. Petrol pump

  • Schedules to be given during filling in air/petrol

4. Kiosk to be placed at multiplexes,malls, CCd, where a snap of the TG will be taken the same will be sent to the
email id of the TG and uploaded on the Facebook page of IPL

5. Corporate office:

  • A tear off calendar to be stuck at the desk of employees And a bigger calendar to be stuck in the canteen

6. Broken glass:

  • Stickers of broken glass to be placed on windscreen and rear screen of the cars in malls and multiplexes and popular parking zones in south Mumbai, with schedule attached.

7. Tiffin box :

  • Schedules to be distributed with the help of dabbawalas


1. Lift branding

2. Toll booth branding

3. Branding on broken weighing machines on railway stations

4. Colleges and schools to be shut during IPL, gates of the same to be branded using the ipl theme

5. Building gates : generally the second gate is shut most of the times, so we use the same to project Bandh

and the list goes on… I wonder if SET would consider paying me something for these ideas? or is it all gibberish?

Unfeignedly inspirational, metamorphosed a simple brief of promoting a MUV – Mercdes Sprinter (Cargo Van) into a wondrous ambient idea. A creative thought which stimulates the viewer to wonder/ ponder / contemplate and even mediate as to how did they ever conceive an Idea which is so pure and celestial in its experience that it makes the famous phrase, “Everything you think has already been executed” appear not only outdated but also a naïve excuse by blokes who often tend to blame the category/product for being prosaic.

Mercedes has truly brought home the bacon with successfully executing this novel idea, firing up a placid category.   

For all the stalwarts of the advertising industry, merely applauding the cognitive content aint enough, I guess?

Objective: ‘First Floor’-a pub located in Asia’s largest IT hub Nehru Place, Delhi. Around 2 million visit this marketplace everyday. Despite this large plausible customer base ‘FIRST FLOOR’ remained lost amongst zillions of shops. The challenge was to make consumers take notice of ‘First Floor’ and direct them to it.

Creative Solution: Nehru Place is infested with billboards and posters. The regulars have learnt to ignore them. These have turned into blind spots. Any traditional medium would just not have attracted any attention in this environment. So we got the Human Direction Signs drunk ! For one week, everyday 7 human direction signs, pretended to be happily passed out at variuos places across the market, with t-shirts stating the ‘distance’ and ‘direction’ to ‘First Floor’.

Result: This unusual sight was hard to miss. On a hot drab afternoon this quirky vision attracted several people towards it. Passerbys took a break, relating to the visual of the happy drunken tippler, some following these milestones right up to the pub. The bar became a topic of discussion amongst the crowds and began attracting consumers as an availble hangout destination. ‘First Floor’ reported a 62% increase in footfalls within a fortnight. The drunken direction signs were much talked about and the pub has got an excellent word of mouth publicity going on till date.

My Take:

Honestly, all I have done is covered/copied the gist of the entire activity. Being a Hotelier by Blood ( Shetty = Hotel guy ), a lot more things could have been done to promote the same, apparently assuming that the agency would have been given more budgets. Small intiatives viz.

  1. Placing Tags on cars
  2. Since we are promoting a Beer bar, tie-ups with local Pan shops with offers like : buy 2 packs of cigarette and get a complimentary peg free ( would surely Help Drive Traffic )
  3. Sign boards ( seen used as T-shirts above ) of the similar format could have been placed on Unipoles leading to the store.
  4. Staircase leading to the Store could have been Branded.

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