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The need to break the routine? Tetley Infusions

Tea occupies only 12% of the Beverage market, so my best assumption is that since Canada is a cold nation, tea as a beverage makes a lot of sense. But, from 1998 to 2008, sales of goods manufactured by the tea and coffee industry decreased 27.4% from a value of $1263.1 million to a value of $917 million. Read full story on

Therefore the need to break the so-called routine, can also be termed as disruptive advertising.

The most important aspect, is the amount of time, the promoter or in this case the basket-guy is able to spend with the TG, without actually invading their personal space or trying to sell something. Although, I am pretty sure that they might have crafted the promoter spiel in a manner to subtly mention the brand and even handover a leaflet or a sample.

Simple, effective and clutter breaking with the coupled effect of WOM + Online Viral effect I must say, IMPRESSIVE!