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Translation of the Spanish words in the video

The Entire Plot :

Very popular in a district of Lima, left a wallet with $100 to check the honesty of the people. Wallet contained the name and address of the owner. Out of all the people who saw the wallet more than 70% returned it. Finally when they celebrated,”There are reasons to believe in a better world”.

The Review :

Well, we honestly can’t even tinker with the thought of running this concept  in India, for a couple of reasons:

  1. Honesty is the best policy :It is in heaven! A regular Indian would say so.
  2. Time : Even if we were blessed with 30 hours on your clocks, still finding time to return a wallet was wishful thinking.

But, let us bring this concept under a skeptical scanner :

1. Focus :

Extreme focus Guaranteed! Areas where Coca Cola is weaker than its longtime rival Pepsi, the concept could bring in positive word of mouth and involvement from the community. Possibly at the end of the campaign, a hoarding could be placed honouring people who ended up being amongst the 70% honest category.

2. Viral :

The viral effect of such campaigns through various mediums – blogs, local press, WOM creates close proximity with customers who generally would hardly care even if Tom Cruise was holding the bottle during a fifa worldcup.

3. Part n Parcel effect :

Gone are the days when a commercial run across geographies treating all as one. With the advent of technology changing lives and empowering a 12-year-old to write reviews about his new playstation, either the consumer is a part or your brand is parceled off as a bad memory.

The Culprit:
The famous CPC or CPT model which still prevalent  in our advertising/media houses, speaking against it is as good as shouting the name VOLDEMORT in the world of Harry Potter. Soon, lets hope CPS ( Cost Per Sale ) or CPC ( Cost Per Conversion ) should kick-in in the near future ensuring a gun to the head of the everyone who dare spends a nickel without worrying about the returns.


Sit-back n enjoy, one of the bravest campaigns by a legacy brand Coca Cola, which is to my surprise, a move that involved a lot of risk.

Coca-Cola Zero

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The entire concept, just stood right there and shouted in the consumer’s face ” I FOOLED U,DUMBO”, but yes, that is what creative agencies are expected to achieve – OUT of the BOX Thinking.

Well, honestly I know the critic in me is bursting in tears, crying with the  pain of not being able to throw brickbats at this concept, in the civilized world we call it “suggestion”, but yes, brilliant thought, stark clarity in execution and off-course results do speak for themselves.

in the words of Flavio Briatore – BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!!!!

Caught a glimpse of this ambient promotion for the Quantum of Solace bond movie!!!! I think this is a pure piece of crap,atrocious / awful / dreadful ( that’s it, my dictionary has no more words to describe this so-called creative crime ) wanting to build association with bond movie, so the creative guys racked up their brains in their cosy bean-bags with their beards not shaved or even trimmed for months and came up with this??? Boat on a car = Bond was here. If and only if there would have been a law against such piece of …… ( I don’t wish to label it as advertising ), they would be hanged till death!!!!

BTL Tweak

Ideally, this sections proposes alternative or adaptation of the above displayed concept, but for this one, we need to go back to the drawing board and come-up with a truly innovative or rather say WOM generating campaign which has to be the talk of the town.

Think about 007 and what is it that 1st comes to your mind??? Chase sequences, thieves and the first and foremost thing that would pop-up in your mind – BULLETS, loads of them in every bond movie.

The concept is pretty simple – Fake Bullet Stickers : Across the Streets / Subways / Skywalks / Malls / Tunnels anything that you could think off, just bombard these places with these stickers and in the end place a sticker of a spilt coke bottle with a message ” Bond was here, spilt his coke,I guess? ” and the jobs done…. try to create this image in your mind and you would grin your approval…

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Now this is great, 3d advertising, the material is called Lenticular… off-course the cost for the same is sky rocketing. But still, it gets the WOW factor and generates a lot of PR buzz around the brand. Vodafone did the same in India during its launch, and it really got heads to turn.