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Translation of the Spanish words in the video

The Entire Plot :

Very popular in a district of Lima, left a wallet with $100 to check the honesty of the people. Wallet contained the name and address of the owner. Out of all the people who saw the wallet more than 70% returned it. Finally when they celebrated,”There are reasons to believe in a better world”.

The Review :

Well, we honestly can’t even tinker with the thought of running this concept  in India, for a couple of reasons:

  1. Honesty is the best policy :It is in heaven! A regular Indian would say so.
  2. Time : Even if we were blessed with 30 hours on your clocks, still finding time to return a wallet was wishful thinking.

But, let us bring this concept under a skeptical scanner :

1. Focus :

Extreme focus Guaranteed! Areas where Coca Cola is weaker than its longtime rival Pepsi, the concept could bring in positive word of mouth and involvement from the community. Possibly at the end of the campaign, a hoarding could be placed honouring people who ended up being amongst the 70% honest category.

2. Viral :

The viral effect of such campaigns through various mediums – blogs, local press, WOM creates close proximity with customers who generally would hardly care even if Tom Cruise was holding the bottle during a fifa worldcup.

3. Part n Parcel effect :

Gone are the days when a commercial run across geographies treating all as one. With the advent of technology changing lives and empowering a 12-year-old to write reviews about his new playstation, either the consumer is a part or your brand is parceled off as a bad memory.

The Culprit:
The famous CPC or CPT model which still prevalent  in our advertising/media houses, speaking against it is as good as shouting the name VOLDEMORT in the world of Harry Potter. Soon, lets hope CPS ( Cost Per Sale ) or CPC ( Cost Per Conversion ) should kick-in in the near future ensuring a gun to the head of the everyone who dare spends a nickel without worrying about the returns.


At present, with the entire country going gaga over one of the most cherished gifts to India by the Britishers – yes, without an effluvium, we ought to agree to the fact, that we are a cricket crazy or maybe even cricket eccentric nation.

At stake are sponsorship deals worth Rs.150 crore and ticketing revenues of Rs.125-150 crore, culminating from about 2 million tickets to be sold for the 43-day tournament ( source : )

Please excuse my verdant question, which might get under the skin of the so-called HOTSHOT media planners is, What is the Objective of pumping in so much money over a period of 45-75 days? Okay, now like a philomath, do not start narrating  jargons from a Philip Kotler Book with the words that have been more raped than abused for e.g. Brand Salience, Top of mind recall, Buying behaviour and all the age-old blah blah… as Mark Pritchard – Global CMO of P & G said, “If we don’t add value to a customer’s life, then we soon shall perish”

Now, the 2 Commercials, Briefly establish that – Dhoni & Harbhajan are inspired by Pepsi to create their trademark shots, which unless the consumer is jughead, would intelligibly construe the claims made by the ad are phoney.

At this juncture, a lot of heads would turn with tonnes of brickbats, with the most popular argument or shall I say an oath that we follow like a zombie in the media industry – “IT IS  A TRIED N TESTED FORMULA”. Dont we need to understand, if something is tried and tested, which means, it has been done to death. In the era of innovation, why go ahead with tried and tested models? is it not the time  to reinvent the wheel?

Well, the Korean Giant, one of the sponsors for the ICC world cup 2011 has tried its hand at something new, well atleast they have made an honest attempt, read on, , and yes, successfully changed the rules of the game.

BTL Tweak:

Empower the youth, sell them a dream and not a cola, and they shall patronise you forever, Pepsi should have started hosting matches within major cities, to declare a winner amongst them, the winning team could probably be sitting inside locker room with the Indian Cricket team or something like that, but yes, if they actually did make us play cricket, we would have been much more involved, passionate and loyal to the brand.

Aren’t  you guys nodding your head in agreement?