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You’ve probably seen the ‘boyfriend chair’ in clothing stores for bored shopping companions. Now IKEA has taken the concept one step further by creating a “crèche” for retail-weary men, complete with Xbox consoles, pinball machines, continuous televised sport and free hot dogs. MÄNLAND is being trialled for four days this Father’s Day weekend [Sept 2 in Aus.] as a male-only play space to hang out in while wives and girlfriends peruse the aisles. Publicity manager Jude Leon said the idea was modelled on the Swedish furniture giant’s existing child play area, SMALAND. Ms Leon said women were given a buzzer to remind them to collect their other half after 30 minutes of shopping.

Madman Thoughts:

More of a Marketing Strategy than an advertising one, but a rather interesting case study for Indian retail industry. Quite often we have seen sporadic attempts of coffee shops being setup, for e.g. Shoppers Stop or the Java green coffee at Reliance web worlds. Is there any consumer insight to support these? Or are they a part of the whims and fancies of management?

With consumer research, always been on the back burner, I fail to understand when will these retail giants step-up to the challenge of providing consumers more “reasons to enter” the store. They aren’t selling experiences but commodities, something our dear Steve Jobs never did. And with the online world going berserk, none of our stores offer shareable experiences.

The most daunting task lying with our big retail honchos is the lucid fact that neither one has managed to develop a distinct positioning in the minds of the consumer with the sole exception of Big Bazaar which means “Sasta/Value for Money/Cheap”. And, McDonald’s does a great job with its happy meal and Rs. 10/- softy. The kid has a reason to enter and the parents get the perception that McD’s offer Value for Money.

But, sadly our Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Lifestyles, Shoppers Stop and others, just don’t care to give us a “Reason to Enter!”

Kishore Bhai, am I wrong?


The Classic Mistake – Time and Again, brands have tried to be EVERYTHING TO  EVERYONE , the results have always been disastrous.

These are the 2 links which would provide more insights on the top 10 brand mistakes



Current Position:

Well, to me and a ton of professionals, Blackberry is CLASS/CULT/I AM A SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL/IMPORTANT PERSON etc, all the jargons of self-proclaimed importance. Basically, a sign of success. As a matter of fact,above mentioned attributes stands true,even for the clothing line under the name Blackberry.

So Basically, you use an iphone till you are in college/university and then switch to a blackberry because now you are a professional.

The Mistake :

Now everyone can use a blackberry – why  would any brand ever want to destroy their niche. Anyone who is in college will eventually 1 day turn into a working professional, so yes he/she will come to the brand.

This Ad looks more like a Board decision  then a well thought through brand strategy – MARKET SHARE! MARKET SHARE! MARKET SHARE! or KILL IPHONE! KILL IPHONE! KILL IPHONE!

I hope an iphone never commits the same crime, Steve Jobs wont let that happen – think about it, have you ever seen Steve Jobs where a business suit for any of his meetings/conferences. Never, right. Why, can’t he afford to buy one, Nah, the thought is simple, his blue jeans and polo neck t-shirt makes him look like one of us,  goes against the flow – Business Man should be dressed formally, and people like that – Being Different.

All, marketing consultants, be dead or alive, should be really questioning this move!