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A young man was left duct-taped to a pillar in the center of Serbian capital city Belgrade, as if it was result of a last night’s prank. Shocked and confused passers-by did all the media work via social networks within only a couple of hours. All national web portals, newspapers, radio and (competitive) TV stations reported about the “bizarre” event, generating around 100 000 euros media coverage. Following “Pranked” weekend had the highest ratings in history of MTV Serbia. Production euros spent: 50. Media euros spent: 0.

Simple, effective and to the point communication. the viral effect does the entire work. To understand and develop Viral ideas, the following attributes ( borrowed from Seth Godin’s Blog ) have to be considered and mulled upon :

What makes an idea viral?

For an idea to spread, it needs to be sent and received.

No one “sends” an idea unless:
a. they understand it
b. they want it to spread
c. they believe that spreading it will enhance their power (reputation, income, friendships) or their peace of mind
d. the effort necessary to send the idea is less than the benefits

No one “gets” an idea unless:
a. the first impression demands further investigation
b. they already understand the foundation ideas necessary to get the new idea
c. they trust or respect the sender enough to invest the time

Once, we have our answers and fit the frame-work around these ingredient points, the probability of creating viral ads/ideas would definitely boost.

Nonetheless, being a media darling also helps, an ambient idea inevitably would need a “media steroid” shot in-the-arm, making it more valuable to consumers as well as advertisers. Therefore, post the plan of a great idea, we often tend to forget to dip it to main line media or add a PR angle to the same.  Is it true or am i just blabbering?


We’re all more than familiar with the age-old sales-cliché: ‘the car belonged to an old lady’. Most of the time metaphorically used, but when you’re suddenly eye-to-eye with a charming old lady, you can’t help but think: this must be my lucky day!

Volkswagen, at its best, an ad which is not trying to push anything down your throat, understands the most preliminary human psyche-“Trust Old Lady” and  quietly whispers in your ear “It’s safe to buy a 2nd hand Volkswagen Golf“.

BTL Tweak:

Now, this is a very tricky tight rope that any brand but a Volkswagen would dare to walk, trying to take away people’s faith in OLD People, is not only knavish but equally risky.

Lets put our Ambient Advertising 3D goggles and envisage a BTL path for this TV commercial. The most elementary thought in my mind is  to use 2 glass buildings facade, and have an Old Angel and Devil lady Poster placed with the tag line on a Banner, tied between the 2 concrete giants.

and I am out of ideas, stumped and dumbfounded… can any of you, the great creative minds  else help me on this Goliath of a problem?

Audi takes a Darwinian approach to demonstrate the progress of the German car company in their latest TV commercial. Ad Agency Venables Bell & Partners achieves this perfectly by using a camera shot that is constantly moving forward, resulting in a crash course in the history of movement and transportation on our planet.

Beauty of the ad lies in the simplicity of the thought, we all know footsteps, understand the word progress and at some point of time in our lives have been exposed to the concept of Evolution – Darwin Theory.

BTL Tweak

The most elementary thought is to scout for topographic points of mass people gatherings at a location which involves entry from one side and exit from the other end….

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A Marathon list, comes racing to my mind….

  1. Multiplexes
  2. Shopping Mart’s
  3. Exhibitions
  4. Even Museums – if they let you do so

Simple stickers – very quasi in nature to the commercial – footsteps leading either to the car display or the Audi Showroom and the job is done…

The Challenge –  To Increase Awareness

The Solution – A Live experience….

I think, the video + picture covers most of what I have to say, But the following numbers do bring in the heavenly white light on the medium which is treated more as a surrogate mother, in an industry dominated by media buyers wearing blinders, so that they themselves can’t take a sneak peek with options other than TV/Print/Radio/Outdoor…

The Indian film and entertainment Industry is projected to grow from the present size of Rs 84 billion to Rs. 175 billion by 2011, implying a 16% cumulative annual growth over the next five years according to a FICCI-PWC report.

Studies confirm that the impact of cinema advertisement is around five times higher than television. Moviegoers who saw in-theatre advertisements are 44% more likely to remember the commercial than consumers who saw it on TV. Moviegoers who saw in cinema advertisements are 70% more likely to correctly identify with the advertised brand than those who saw the same on TV.

BTL Tweak:

Candidly speaking, this is a BTL Concept, n the execution is just so flawless… so lets sit back and enjoy the ride….



Lets analyse / break down ad by ad, what are they candidly trying to communicate.

AD 1  & 2- Lexus & Audi

A complete disconnect, nothing fresh or phantasmagoric about it, Innovation for the sake of Innovation – is more like anniversary sex ( after 15 years of gruelling marriage ) – for the sake of it.  Neither can I imagine the brief, nor the sanity of the thought. The most abominable part is where the ads just don’t differentiate – Put a Hyundai and it would make the homophonic sound.

AD 3 – Accord

A ground-breaking thought and flawless execution and in the end the music which is created really does relate to the car. No wonder this ad made people gungho.

BTL Tweak:

But yes, these ads have very limited adaptability to other mediums, maybe online which can work as a subset to television.  On the contrary, the following ad which dint need millions of dollars to just get its feet of the ground.

So simple yet so effective, gets the message across with the oomph factor, and easily adaptable – ONLINE/PRINT/AMBIENT/DIRECT/OUTDOOR, yes off-course RADIO would not feature in this list, as the visual component of the concept is very much the uncastrated cognitive content.