Ur Worth?? 1 billion $ home?

After months, accidentally landed up on this video. Isnt this, the thought that keeps us running, the story of every alacritous mumbaikar, trying to buy a flat + make a name for himself. Where do you strike a balance? when do you decide to that leap of faith? What is the next big idea? when do you finally stand up and say “enough is enough”?

I don’t know, we all hope, with our fingers crossed that the leaps that we have taken, are actually the right ones? Well, only time will tell…

Life is strange, everyday starts with a lot on mind and heart, and often we end up doing nothing about it. Is that we are trained to be “middle class”, the classic dialogue our parents have sung to us more than any-other lullaby “Spread your legs only the length of your bedsheet!”.

The question here is, why were we not taught to buy a new bedsheet, think beyond a Job-House-Wife-2 Kids, is that the classic recipe of a successful life? or are we afraid that if we don’t follow the trend we might be treated as an illegitimate social character?

So what do you do about it? is it that simple to be an entrepreneur? I have tried once and failed horribly, but yes lessons learnt the hardway aren’t buried that easily…  Life, will hit hard, and we know we have to keep moving…

My Fundas:

I live in a very monochromatic society of Gujarati’s where 25 is the age of marriage (max) and then you go on to have your kids…. ( everyone knows, how this story ends ). Once again, a short and sweet line catches the frame of mind – Try fast, fail fast, adjust fast! by Tom Peters.

If you are scared, nothing wrong with it, we all are.  It is how we beat the fear, if a petrol cart drawing boy can setup one of the biggest industries in the world! why not me or you? the question is how? and this clip puts a lot of faith back in me..

Important thing is to keep running…



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