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Objective: ‘First Floor’-a pub located in Asia’s largest IT hub Nehru Place, Delhi. Around 2 million visit this marketplace everyday. Despite this large plausible customer base ‘FIRST FLOOR’ remained lost amongst zillions of shops. The challenge was to make consumers take notice of ‘First Floor’ and direct them to it.

Creative Solution: Nehru Place is infested with billboards and posters. The regulars have learnt to ignore them. These have turned into blind spots. Any traditional medium would just not have attracted any attention in this environment. So we got the Human Direction Signs drunk ! For one week, everyday 7 human direction signs, pretended to be happily passed out at variuos places across the market, with t-shirts stating the ‘distance’ and ‘direction’ to ‘First Floor’.

Result: This unusual sight was hard to miss. On a hot drab afternoon this quirky vision attracted several people towards it. Passerbys took a break, relating to the visual of the happy drunken tippler, some following these milestones right up to the pub. The bar became a topic of discussion amongst the crowds and began attracting consumers as an availble hangout destination. ‘First Floor’ reported a 62% increase in footfalls within a fortnight. The drunken direction signs were much talked about and the pub has got an excellent word of mouth publicity going on till date.

My Take:

Honestly, all I have done is covered/copied the gist of the entire activity. Being a Hotelier by Blood ( Shetty = Hotel guy ), a lot more things could have been done to promote the same, apparently assuming that the agency would have been given more budgets. Small intiatives viz.

  1. Placing Tags on cars
  2. Since we are promoting a Beer bar, tie-ups with local Pan shops with offers like : buy 2 packs of cigarette and get a complimentary peg free ( would surely Help Drive Traffic )
  3. Sign boards ( seen used as T-shirts above ) of the similar format could have been placed on Unipoles leading to the store.
  4. Staircase leading to the Store could have been Branded.

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Truly out-of-the-box, and these pictures are worth 1000 words almost a deception in the world of Rural India where all our clients want us to focus on is SALES!

The Challenge:

To create local connect with consumers in Maharashtra.

The Thought:

With low levels of literacy fueling the growth of spurious brands and me-too products, Brand Salience is one of the prime objectives.

Creating local brand ambassadors out of village Sarpanch/prominent female residents seems to be an ideal thought, just wondering how none of the FMCG majors ever tried the same.

The Execution:

Phase 1:

Focus : To Inform, educate and communicate the brand benefits which will increase levels  awareness, with sales  also sharing 50% of the burden. During phase 1, the activation team clicked snaps of the TG with the product in their hands and the activity vehicle in the background.

Phase 2:

Customization of all hoarding with a ready template of brand messages was created within 3 days of execution of the activity, adding social messages with the names of the villages was just icing on the cake.

Phase 3:

Final showdown, temporary hoarding structures were placed at strategic locations identified by the execution team during phase 1.Once again to gain the absolute confidence of the client the execution team clicked snaps of the same set of females under the new placed structure.

My Take:

It takes 2-to-tango, a brave client and a capable agency, to create something which is finally relevant to the TG. Bravo to Rambandhu Masala and its Advertising Agency!